Redbuds in Full Sun

When I see these magnificent trees in the bight morning Sun with a deep Carolina Blue sky overhead, the color of Flamingos comes to mind.  After a week of dull overcast days, the Sun finally appeared this morning, and not a minute too soon. The Redbuds are peaking all around Otter Creek Valley, and a two mile drive north was all I needed to immerse myself in their magenta and pink splendor.

red 2

The Kwansan Cherries are also in full bloom.


If you look very closely, you can  see a modern home atop Glaxhorn Mountain.Glaxhorn

On Oak Mountain…

red 3

red 4

red 5

red 6

A mile further north are the Northwest Rutherford Mountains, just beginning to green out along Hemphill Road.

hemphill 2

hemphill 1

Looking back toward the southwest from this spot, the 4,000 foot summit of Mt. Shumont towers above Lake Lure.


To the northwest, Hickory Nut Mountain at 3,100 feet dominates this valley between here and Mt. Mitchell.

tight run 1

Back toward the northeast, Pinnacle Mountain and Long Mountain form a wall along the Rutherford-McDowell County line.

tight run 2

tight run 3

Back at home, Otter Pond can claim her own electric pink Judas Tree, or Eastern Redbud.

otter pond

Staying home doesn’t mean staying inside. Social distancing is our standard way of living deep in these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

One thought on “Redbuds in Full Sun

  1. Thank you for posting, these are very beautiful pictures. Hope you are doing well up there. Stay safe and healthy.

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