Sunrise over Cove Creek Valley

Ten miles long and four miles wide, the valley that drains into Cove Creek is surrounded by high mountains on its northwest side, long ridges and mountains to the northeast, and the rolling foothills of the Piedmont  to the southeast. Prominent feeder creeks are Cedar, Otter, Bill’s, Greasy, Ham, Elliott, Mill, Morgan, Harris, Stone, and Chalk. Cove Creek feeds into the Broad River east of Lake Lure, which flows into South Carolina, through Columbia,  on through Congaree National Park, and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean. cove creek mapcove creekCove Creek

Climbing a high ridge on the south side of the valley just after sunrise on April 8th gave me a full panoramic view of the entire valley. These are the images that I captured from that ridge.

south mountains 1View toward the South Mountains, 30 miles to the east…

sunrise ridge

piney knob

glaxhorn mtn


green valleyBill’s Creek Road, following the original Cherokee trading trail…

two treesNorthwest view toward 2,800 foot Wolf Pen Mountain…

pitch pine

hickory nut mtn3,100 foot Hickory Nut Mountain to the north.

Stay safe.




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