Springtime in the Age of Covid-19

Living in the middle of nowhere offers many opportunities to escape from weeks of indoor confinement. Driving excursions are the safest ways to experience the majesty of Spring as it creeps its greenness down the mountain slopes. Here are my impressions of that process. Enjoy…

Sugarloaf Mountain over Lake Lurethompson cabin

Rumbling Bald and Mount  Shumont from eastern side of Lake Lurerumbling bald

Mt. Piscah from Haw Creek Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway with a hanging Moonpisgah moon

Seven Sisters peaks north of Black Mountainseven sisters

From the Parkway near Craggy Gardensparkway

Bill’s Mountain in northwest Rutherford Countybills mountain


Corn fields in McDowell Countyplowed

Northwest Rutherford Mountainsoak mtn

Back at home in Otter Creek Valleydogwood 2

greening 2


5 thoughts on “Springtime in the Age of Covid-19

      • You’re Welcome. That’s a good way to think about it. I have gone for walks around the neighborhood. I get out into the car for appointments and to the store but I am thinking of just taking a ride somewhere. a FEw of my friends have done that and they enjoyed it.

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