Linville Gorge in Early Spring

Six years ago tomorrow, I posted this piece about Linville Gorge, and it’s worth revisiting now.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

Linville Gorge Wiseman's Overlook

Visiting Linville Gorge in spring is especially rewarding because the summer crowds are still months away, and you can have the whole place to yourself. The first week in April is still very winter like, and morning lows can still be in the 20’s, but the first greens are already creeping up the walls of this “Grand Canyon on the East”. Wiseman’s View, above, is the most accessible place to really appreciate the awesome grandeur of this ancient place, especially the distant roar of the Linville River 1,500 feet below. No climbing or long hikes are required to get there, and the reward is breathtaking.

Linville Gorge Wiseman's Wall

The southern boundary of the gorge, above, is marked by Shortoff Mountain, a flat topped mesa that has many rock climbing possibilities. The tender green leaves of the hardwoods were just beginning to burst forth after a particularly cold winter.

Linville Gorge Panorama

To the…

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