High Meadows below Bearwallow Mountain

At the west entrance to the Hickory Nut Gorge in Henderson County sits Bearwallow Mountain. At 4,237 feet, it’s the second tallest peak east of Asheville and south of Interstate 40.  On its southern slopes, 600 feet below the summit, is an expansive grassy plateau that has morphed into an exclusive community of horse pastures, jogging trails, and beautiful homes known as Grand Highlands.  Early May is the perfect time to explore these rolling hills as winter turns to spring.  On this particular afternoon, a light rain was falling, and clouds obscured the mountain summit. The valley far below is where the apple orchards dominate, with the town of Hendersonville to the west.


tudor valley

fencesBearwallow Mountain in the clouds…


under constructionUnder construction…


long limb

Driving over Bearwallow Gap on a gravel road leading to U.S. 74 in the Hickory Nut Gorge, Wild Azaleas were in full bloom.azalea mountain

wild azaleas



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