Exploring Cedar Creek Gorge

Where Buncombe County meets Rutherford County along Cedar Creek Road, a series of falls and cascades suddenly tumble down through a narrow gorge along the Blue Ridge Escarpment. You won’t find this place highlighted on any map, and there’s only one narrow entrance right off the pavement where you can enter the upper falls and grotto. From there, the gorge deepens drastically as Cedar Creek makes its way over a mile to the bottom, and the only way in is by knotted rope down the a steep embankment to the creek a hundred feet below the road. You can hear it, but thick vegetation hides the creek completely.

On this June afternoon, the creek was quite active from recent rains, and because of its obscurity, we had the upper grotto completely to ourselves. Here are my impressions of that grotto, followed by a video of the encounter….

The first major falls is twenty feet high…

A large cave is hidden by the falls

Above the large falls are a series of smaller falls, and large sheets of granite worn smooth by millenia of floods.

This short video will show the natural beauty of this special place’

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