New Drone Images over Otter Creek Valley

Mid-June finds the Valley lush and green. The morning was sunny and dry, perfect for a drone session. My cousin brought his high tech “bug” from Charlotte, and here’s what he captured.

My house has the blue roof… This view was toward the northeast.

Toward the Lake Lure Mountains to the southwest. The closest peak is 2,600 foot Roan Horsetop Mountain. Next is Young’s Mountain. The most distant ridge is 4,000 foot Mt. Shumont, about fifteen miles away..
Otter Pond to the east looking toward the north Rutherford Mountains

He flew the drone directly above the house to its maximum altitude, and did a slow 360 degree view of these Northwest Rutherford County mountains.

4 thoughts on “New Drone Images over Otter Creek Valley

  1. I love drone videos. You have a beautiful home. the scenery is absolutely beautiful…Continue blessings and safe during this time.

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