Rumbling Bald Mountain

Towering over the northwestern shores of Lake Lure, Rumbling Bald Mountain, at 3.020 feet in elevation, is a monolith of granite that is part of the Eastern Blue Ridge Escarpment. Originally called Bald Mountain, everything changed in 1874 when sounds suddenly broke the silence of Hickory Nut Gorge. Thought at the time as an earthquake, geologists have since theorized that the sound came from the collapsing of large caves beneath the mountain. The sounds continued for six months, and finally stopped, but locals began calling the mountain “Rumbling Bald”, because of the unusual phenomena. During the “rumbling” period, mammoth boulders were dislodged from the granite cliffs, and tumbled down along the north face of the mountain. Today, the area is known for the sport of “bouldering”, where adventurous rock climbers use the giant rocks to hone their climbing skills.

Over time, roads were built in the area below the exposed face, and a community of upscale homes was built. A championship golf course was built, and town homes and villas followed. Today the gated community is known as Rumbling Bald Resort, complete with restaurants. a marina, and vacation rentals.

Buffalo Creek flows through the resort, and feeds into the far north end of Lake Lure.

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