Autumn Arrives with the Sunflowers

Ten years ago, I gathered a few Narrow Leaf Sunflowers from a pasture a few miles north of the house. I allowed the seed pods to mature and dry, and scattered them in the lowest part of the meadow in front of the house the following Spring. It took two seasons for the first plants to grow and flower, and every Autumn since then, their numbers have multiplied, and spread across both the front and the back meadows. They always seem to peak every year on the first day of Fall, and this year is no exception.

Two varieties have emerged over the years. My favorite is the one with the dark ring around the center. It’s much more rare.

This year, the highest concentration of blooms has moved to the back meadow

The stalks of each plant can grow over six feet tall, and produce hundreds of flowers over their three week blooming period.

Most of all, I just enjoy sitting on the deck, with the bright yellow Sunflowers in the meadow below.

They’re called Sunflowers because they will follow the Sun from sunrise to sunset. You can see why I don’t own a lawnmower.

Two minute video…

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