Discovering Upper Cove Creek

It’s funny how you can live in one place for eleven years and not know that a major creek flows just three miles from your doorstep. I have explored the lower part of Cove Creek where it joins The Broad River as it flows to Columbia, but until this week, the Upper part of Cove Creek had remained a mystery to me, mostly because of a lack of access from any paved roads.

With the onset of Winter and the disappearance of the leaves that hide everything from view, that all changed. It also helped to have a passenger with a keen eye who spied reflections of the late afternoon Sun off water fifty feet below Painters Gap Road. After a trek through thorn vines and thick undergrowth, to my surprise, there it was, a wide, fast flowing, rock filled creek, with a series of small falls from bank to bank. Even more surprising was the steep dirt road that allowed vehicle access from high above.

Yours truly…

Here’s a short video of Cove Creek in action… Please pardon the focus problem toward the end….

4 thoughts on “Discovering Upper Cove Creek

  1. Het there, Vann. I also sometimes find areas not too far from my house that I hadn’t known about: Wooded areas with walking trails. None nearly as beautiful, though, as what you write about here. See ya! Neil Scheinin

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