The First Snow of the Season

Three years ago this week, an early snow storm hit this area with more than half a foot of white stuff. The heaviest snowfall I’ve seen since moving here in 2009 was on December 9th and 10th, two years ago, 17″. Must be something about December….

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

A surprisingly early December snowfall dumped over half a foot in the valley, and was almost continuous for over a day. That’s the longest period of snow I’ve seen since coming here eight years ago. The temperature barely reached the freezing mark, but frigid temperatures since Saturday have preserved the snow in the shadows, and on rooftops facing away from the sun. Here are a few photos I made of the event.

fibber magee snow at Otter Creekcarolina peaks parkway at Otter Creek North Carolinachristmas fence at Otter Creek snow north carolinaotter pond fence in snow north carolinajunipers in snow at north carolina otter creekhemlock house at otter creek north carolina in snowhemlock house deck snow north carolina

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