The Historic Railway Depot in Marion, N.C.

In 1871, the Great Southern Railway completed a monumental accomplishment when they connected the Piedmont Plateau with the mountain towns to the west across the Eastern Continental Divide. Considering the engineering and construction challenges that these men faced at that time, this feat was truly remarkable. Every town served by this new railroad needed a station and a depot where trains could load and unload passengers and freight. The first brick depot was built in the small textile and furniture village of Marion, North Carolina, in sight of the beautiful mountains that surrounded that town. The year was 1871, and today, 150 years later, that Depot still stands, and serves as the centerpiece of a historic district that recaptures the excitement of its 19th century founding.

1871 Freight Depot
Preserved Buildings in the Depot District
The building on the left is still one of the tallest buildings in McDowell; County. The fading Coca Cola sign was revealed when a newer structure was razed The two story building across the street now houses a Martial Arts studio, and is negotiating with developers to open a themed restaurant

The lower floor of the larger building is now home to a restaurant and game arcade called “The Feisty Goldfish” .

Marion is a town frozen in time, and with recent openings of micro breweries and even a Mead tasting room, it’s becoming a real tourist destination for travelers heading for the mountains.

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