Winter on the Biltmore Estate

When renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead designed Biltmore’s lands and gardens in the 1890’s, he had all four seasons in mind. In the dead of Winter, you might think that he would have taken a break, but for anyone who has experienced New York’s Central Park after a snow storm, you would know that he was anything but hibernating. On Groundhog Day, Asheville was treated to a lite snowfall, and Biltmore was once again ready to show off her winter finery, just as George Vanderbilt would have expected.

When one passes through the impressive entrance gate, they are transported to a place frozen in time from over a century ago. You have to imagine a horse drawn sleigh traversing the two mile approach road until suddenly you see the French Chateau directly ahead…

Farm Field
Mt. Pisgah to the southwest…
The French Broad River

One thought on “Winter on the Biltmore Estate

  1. I am a recent subscriber, so pleased I have found you. I am 17th generation of mountain people and grew up in the Piedmont. Nearly 70 years ago, my family moved to the west coast. I have returned many times. Your blog is a delight and your photos touch me deeply. Thank you.

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