Spring Skiing at Sugar Mountain

In a banner year for snow in the high country, almost seven feet of snow fell after the middle of December, and when you add to that all the manmade white stuff, that leaves quite a lot of snow on the slopes at Sugar Mountain, even for mid March. Hoping to make my last run of the season, my friend and I went early on March 10th to be the first to come down on the newly groomed slopes. Unfortunately, the slopes had not been groomed from the day before, where warm temperatures made for slushy runs. Because the temperatures had dropped way below freezing the night before, the slopes were a sheet of treacherous ice, not conducive for an intermediate, once a season skier like me. I made a run anyway, and got to the bottom without falling, but that was it for me. My friend being a snowboarder, and having skied three times already this season, made six runs from the mile high summit. We would have waited until the afternoon thaw, but he had to get back to Marion to pick up his seven year old son from school. I didn’t mind a bit.

For what it’s worth, here is a short video from the morning...

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