North Rutherford County Mountains

During the pandemic, cabin fever requires that I make short jaunts to places that inspire me near the house. One of my favorites is about five miles south, along a dirt road that hugs a ridge where I get an amazing view of the mountains that surround my valley, and the ridges in southern McDowell County just north of me. Only three houses are along this seldom used dead end gravel road, and I’ve never encountered another car on my visits there. Thanks to a clear cutting of the area just below the road in 2019, the views are limitless, and yesterday was especially clear, with winter forests still dominating the distant slopes.

Entering from the paved road, I was greeted by this Forsythia bush at the first home…

This panoramic view of the entire area always gives me goose bumps…

3,000 foot Hickory Nut Mountain to the northwest…

Pinnacle Peak to the northeast…

Cove Creek Valley to the northeast

Looking East
Loblolly Pine

Sometimes you just have to listen to the words of Robert Frost, and take the road less traveled. That can make all the difference…

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