A Very Late Spring along The Escarpment

A Spring storm moved through over the weekend, bringing heavy rain and wind, but when the fog lifted and the Sun came out, the mountains of northern Rutherford and southern McDowell counties had barely begun to show any color except for the early greens of trees reluctantly pushing out their first leaves. The Bradford Pears had already come and gone, but the Dogwood were only showing buds, and the cherries and apples and most other trees that normally would have been in full bloom by this time, were still dormant. With very cold temps in early April, not even the Hummingbirds had arrived, the latest that has happened since I moved here twelve years ago. The Redbud bloom was late, and is still visible in the woods. Here is what I found as I toured within five miles of my valley.

3,100 foot Hickory Nut Mountain
Along Tight Run Road
Long Mountain in Montford Cove
Greasy Creek Farm under Oak Mountain
Sheep Grazing
Historic Log Cabin under Brushy Top Mountain
One early Bloomer
A Dogwood in Bud
Wolf Pen Mountain

This is a photo of Hickory Nut Mountain from three years ago, made in early April.

2 thoughts on “A Very Late Spring along The Escarpment

  1. So Sean’s flight to Raleigh was cancelled yesterday, and he is on his way to Asheville, where he will rent a car and drive to Chapel Hill. He is there for the week. Thought you would laugh!



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