Springtime Greening of my Mountains

Other than the colors of Fall, my favorite time in the mountains happens when all the deciduous trees are sprouting new leaves at the same time, painting the slopes and valleys every shade of green you could imagine. A trip around my neighborhood at noon today bares this out.

Ten minutes south of me is Apple Valley Golf Club, with views of Rumbling Bald and Shumont Mountains.

Five minutes south of me is a gravel road called Mountain Way, which leads to one of my favorite overlooks of 3,100 foot Hickory Nut Mountain.

View from my deck at noon…

By the end of April, there will only be one green, dark, blending in with the pines and spruces for the upcoming summer.

2 thoughts on “Springtime Greening of my Mountains

  1. I love spring and all the vibrant colors, but it doesn’t love me! Ah-choo. We finally have dogwoods and redbud in bloom. This year they rival the azaleas! Love these mountains and your pictures of them

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