A Garden of Pink Lady Slipper Orchids

The rarest wildflower I’ve ever found in the woods within a half mile of the house is a Pink Lady Slipper Orchid. Seven years ago, I came upon two plants in bloom about a quarter mile to the north, almost totally hidden by Mountain Laurel shrubs. The following year, I found one plant blooming in the same place, but since then, nothing there. Last May I was pleasantly surprised to discover six plants just thirty yards into the woods next to my carport. One bloomed, and I knew that this May, I might find more.

This morning I went into the woods as we returned from our walk, and there they were. I counted six orchids in bloom, seven in the process, and a number more just sprouting. As they say, “Good things come to those who wait…”.

3 thoughts on “A Garden of Pink Lady Slipper Orchids

  1. Lovely, lovely. They are very persnickety about where they grow. Can’t grow them on my hillside. I’ll just enjoy your pictures of them!

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