A Morning Tour of the Neighborhood

Morning usually finds me walking through the woods and along Otter Creek, but this week I found myself driving around the roads along the Rutherford-McDowell County line, checking out familiar views in the summer morning light. It was in the low 60’s, and the humidity was quite low, making visibility almost unlimited, rare this time of year. This is what I found.

4,000 foot Mount Shumont north of Lake Lure

2,800 foot Young’s Mountain on the left, Shumont in the center, and 1,500 foot Dick’s Mountain in the foreground
3,100 foot Hickory Nut Mountain on the horizon.
2,500 foot Pinnacle Peak above this farm
Long Mountain from Tight Run Loop Road along the county line
1,700 foot Brushy Top on the left, and 2,200 foot Bear Gap Mountain from Greasy Creek Road in McDowell County
Hickory Nut Mountain from Tight Run Road

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