Autumn at Rumbling Bald Mountain

An earthquake in 1874 set off a series of loud rumblings in an around Bald Mountain as giant granite boulders broke away from the northeast face and plummeted to the slopes below. After that, the inhabitants changed the name to Rumbling Bald Mountain, and today that exposed granite face is one of the largest in all of North Carolina. In the fall, near sundown, the contrast of light and shadow makes the area especially breathtaking.

Rumbling Bald is on the left, at 3,010 feet… View from Apple Valley Golf Course.
The mountain rises from the northwest shore of Lake Lure. View from inside Legends-on-the-Lake Restaurant
Rock climbers love this mountain…
View of 2,600 foot Young’s Mountain from Bald Mountain Farm
The last rays from Bald Mountain Farm

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