My Private Blue Ridge Parkway in Fall

Most visitors cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway in October to see the best color, but for me, I just need to drive a half mile up my road to experience color rarely seen along the Parkway. In 2008, a paved, one mile extension was built just past my house to service a gated community that went bankrupt in 2009. Since then only two homes have been built up there, and every autumn I just hop into my car, and slowly move through the most dramatic display of foliage I’ve found anywhere throughout the Carolina mountains. A steep wall of mountains on the north side of the valley looms over stands of Loblolly Pine, making the perfect contrast to the multicolors of Maple, Oak, Hickory, and Sourwood. The second week of November is usually the peak, but everything is late this year because of no freeze, and this coming week will be incredible.

Actually, since there is no traffic, a leisurely stroll is the best way to experience the quiet solitude of this place, with only the occasional bird song, Turkey call, or a breeze through the trees.

Check out this short video…

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