Biltmore puts on her Winter Clothes

As Fall recedes, and Winter approaches, The Biltmore Estate in Asheville dresses for the holidays, and the last shades of Autumn anticipate the season’s first snowfall. Where bright yellows of the Hickory give way to burnt oranges of Beech and Oak, the gardens move toward hibernation, much like the Woodchucks and Black Bears. The Soybean and Field Corn fields have long since lost their green nutrients, and will sleep through Winter, awaiting an early Spring harvest.

The Chateau has been welcoming holiday visitors since Thanksgiving…

The forest and gardens will still dazzle the guests with a rainbow of color, just as Frederick Law Olmstead envisioned 140 years ago…

Bald Cypress

The forest Evergreens will stand tall as they have for over a century. A Carolina Cane stand will still welcome the hiker into its inner sanctum…

Wild Tom Turkey
Soon the Reflecting Pond will freeze over, and the Canada Geese will move to warmer places…

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