Lake Lure before the Big Snow

With predictions of a foot of snow or more in the coming three days, a drive around the Lake Lure Mountains seemed to be in order. Buffalo Shoals Road twists and turns high above the iconic lake, affording breathtaking views of the water and the rugged granite peaks surrounding it.

Looking north from US Highway 64
View toward the southwest from the highest point of Buffalo Shoals Road. That’s 4,000 foot Sugarloaf Mountain in the distance.
The Hickory Nut Gorge to the west with 4,600 foot Little Pisgah Mountain in the far distance.
Boulder Field along the winding road…
One of many homes perched on a steep slope high above the lake below. 2,800 foot Rumbling Bald Mountain is the view.
Many homes follow the Craftsmen style, a favorite all along the Blue Ridge.
At the north end of the lake, a large home takes shape in view of the Rumbling Bald Resort and beach. 4,100′ Mt. Shumont is in the distance.

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