Traveling to the Rocky Coast of Maine

Taking a break from the beauty of the Blue Ridge, I traveled to the amazing rocky coast of Maine for a few days. I was intrigued by the changing tides, and by the textures of the rocks.

A day trip to historic Monhegan Island twelve miles off the coast was the highpoint of the trip. Shingled cottages cling to the rocky cliffs.

The soaring cliffs along the eastern shore are the highest in Maine.

At low tide at Cape Small near Bath, the entire coast seems to moved inland by half a mile.

When you think of Maine, you usually don’t think of spectacular sunsets, but with all the islands and peninsulas, you can always get a western view.

11 thoughts on “Traveling to the Rocky Coast of Maine

  1. I have always lived the rocky shoreline in Coastal Maine since my first visit in my early 20’s. Your pictures are beautiful as always.
    Vicki Carnahan Tracy

  2. Lovely pictures, my favorite is the cabin & the Cape small-it’s fascinating how nature forms such rock formations Enjoyed as always

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