First Summer Sunrise in Otter Creek Valley

Otter Pond at Summer

I guess the Druids are celebrating today with the summer solstice at Stonehenge, but in Otter Creek Valley, I’m happy just to greet the rising sun. Otter Pond, above and below, seemed perfectly content to enjoy the morning fog after almost two inches of rain yesterday.

Frozen Otter Pond in Snow

The same scene in the dead of winter…

Otter Pond at Sunrise

A half mile walk to a paved Bill’s Creek Road revealed a light mist covering the mountain to the east, and a blue flecked sky as the sun appeared through the clouds. All that’s missing is a castle atop the hill.

Bills Creek Road

Otter Creek Road

Walking back into the valley on Otter Creek Road, Buddy could hear the sound of water as the creek narrowed where a mill once stood.

Otter Creek Road in snow

From the same spot in winter.

Otter Creek Rock

The first Trumpet Flower of the season was ready for the hummingbirds.

Trumpet Flowers

The young corn field in the bottomland had two foot high plants, and Buddy’s house was almost visible on the distant hill. Wolf Pen Mountain in the far distance kept watch over the entire valley from the west.

Otter Creek Corn Field

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