Hickory Nut Falls in Winter

With overnight temperatures in the teens, I knew that sunrise would reveal a massive wall of ice at the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. Cascading 400 feet over a precipice atop Chimney Rock Mountain, Hickory Nut Falls did not disappoint. Recent rains and heavy snows provided an ample supply of H2O, and stiff northerly winds over the past two days assured that the soaring granite slabs would be glazed with Winter magic.

Hickory Nut Falls

As a comparison, the following images show a similar scene under different weather conditions in other seasons…

hickory nut fallsSummer

Hickory Nut ShadowsEarly Spring

Lake Lure Beauty 015This vintage hand colored postcard gives a birdseye view of the same rock face…

Chimney Rock PanoThis panoramic view of the entire mountaintop shows iconic Chimney Rock on the far left.

The following 20-second video gives you a real time view of the falls in action…

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