Halloween at the Grove Park Inn

What better place in these Blue Ridge Mountains to welcome All Hallows Eve than the historic Grove Park Inn. Fires were burning in the giant double lobby fireplaces, and the colors of fall were spreading across the golf course below. Sunset from the Veranda is always and event, and this one, though subtle, didn’t disappoint.

Grove park inn sunset

People always gather together to enjoy the nightly spectacle…grove park inn veranda people

The only thing missing was the wine….Grove Park Inn wine glass

Inside the spacious lobby, you could feel the heat of the fires from far away…grove park inn fireplace

Music from a live combo made for a relaxing atmosphere…grove park inn lobby lights

Locally quarried rock walls surround you…grove park inn windows

A visit to Asheville without a stop at the Grove Park is out of the question…grove park inn lobby lanterns




3 thoughts on “Halloween at the Grove Park Inn

  1. Looks like a lovely evening. I am so glad we were able to go there , when we were in Asheville.

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