My Last Images of Autumn

This was a strange year for Fall colors here along the Blue Ridge Escarpment. Heavy rains, very high winds, and a hard freeze that was delayed two weeks from normal caused the leaves to disappear overnight. Mother Nature, lucky for us, refused to call it quits, and suddenly over a three day period around November 9th, the colors burst fourth. It was remarkable.

Last Thursday, the 19th, while driving home from my gym in Marion right at sunset, I took a detour just to see what was happening in the valley below 3,100 foot Hickory Nut Mountain along the McDowell-Rutherford County boundary, and found that autumn had one last gasp of color before packing it in for the coming Winter.

Along Greasy Creek Road
Hickory Nut Mountain
Historic Ledbetter Farm

Yesterday morning just as the Sun peeked over the mountains to the east, it bathed 3,000 foot Wolf Pen Mountain in an Alpen glow. Autumn had gone, but I was reminded what had been.

2 thoughts on “My Last Images of Autumn

  1. The pictures are wonderful once again. Our leaves on our native trees weren’t great either, but in town the planted trees were spectacular.
    My burning bushes are either completely bare or are just turning
    They have provided a little color. Have you ever been back to where you saw the cluster of burning bushes that were all pink? They were so pretty!
    Thanks for the pictures and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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