Fall Creeps into the Rutherford Mountains

Dividing Rutherford from McDowell County are a series of 2,600 foot peaks that stretch for four miles from east to west. Names like Pinnacle Peak, Long Mountain, Rich Mountain, New Forest Mountain, and Mike’s Mountain, are known to locals, but not to the outside world. The views from these summits look out across the western Piedmont toward Charlotte. Other than scattered vacation homes, and valley farms, development has not been part of the equation.

As the colors of the season move down into lower elevations, these steep ridges slowly come alive. These images were captured just after sunrise on October 11th. The peak of color in these parts happens after November 1st, long after the leaves have fallen along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Long Mountain
Pinnacle Mountain and Pinnacle Peak
View to southwest toward Lake Lure
4,100 foot Mount Shumont in Clouds

2 thoughts on “Fall Creeps into the Rutherford Mountains

  1. These are quit nice. I can feel the crisp air. I let Terry know we are thinking about making it to the Anniversary party. She said she will work on a veggie choice and scallops for you. ________________________________

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