Around My Mountain

My walk at sunrise revealed a forest full of dogwood just down the green road.

Yesterday I drove within two miles of home to see how the spring colors were progressing, and found these old cabins.

The trees are filling in so rapidly with all of this warm weather. Here’s a view of Oak Mountain from the north side. From my deck, I look at the south side of this mountain. Make sure you click on the individual photos to get the full detailed effect. Don’t miss the herd of goats grazing in the field below.

I found this old farm near Cedar Creek with Young’s Mountain in the distance.

In the closer shot below, look for the house pearched high up on the ridge, and check out the road that leads up to it. Even a four wheel drive would make that a risky climb in winter with ice and snow. Can you imagine the view from up there?


Further to the north, a deserted highway leads toward Lake Lure and 4,000 foot Shumont Mountain.

Driving up Cedar Creek Road, another farm down in the hollow is framed by dogwood.

The pink dogwood on Greasy Creek Road were pretty cool!

Arriving back at home, I had to get another shot of the dogwood and azaleas in the Observation Room. After five days, the flowers are more vibrant than when I cut them.

4 thoughts on “Around My Mountain

  1. Thanks again for sharing your magnificent photos! The views are incredible! The dog wood trees are so pretty, The house way up on the mountain reminds me of a friends place in Colorado, where I had a near heart attack driving to in the snow a few years ago, never again even though the view had been breath taking

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