The Elusive Crows of Otter Creek

Of all the birds that live in this valley, the crows have always been the most elusive when it comes to having their picture taken. They can detect movement happening inside the house when they are within 100 feet of a window, and they fly off lickety split.

On Sunday afternoon while I watched the Olympics in my downstairs Great Room, I suddenly was surprised by a group of crows who pearched in a hemlock tree about 50 feet away, and luckily I had my camera nearby. Very slowing, like a clock moving, I retrieved the camera, and got a clear view of the tree through the closed window. First two….. then three……..

…then five crows were on the same limb, and I clicked away. The best part was the background, which was the side of Bear Gap Mountain about a mile away. It was difficult to get much detail of the birds eyes and feathers, but their sillouettes were cool unto themselves.

It must have been a family with young birds because there was feeding going on, and lots of verbal communication. They remained on the limb for almost five minutes.

Just as quickly as they had arrived, they all scattered in an instant, leaving me with some interesting memories of a rare moment, and letting me go back to the Olympics.

2 thoughts on “The Elusive Crows of Otter Creek

  1. Crows are known to be smart, maybe they were watching you watch the Olympics! LOL I enjoy watching bird’s antics-I’m in Siesta Key, Fl with my family and on the beach walks, get a lot of enjoyment watching the birds hunting for food on the shore . Glad you got to capture those special shots

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