Tiger Lilies Along Montford Cove Road

Every June, roadsides and gardens throughout North America are ablaze with the bright orange blossoms of the Tiger Lily. Originally from China and Japan, early colonists wanted this hardy plant in their gardens. Just north of the house along Montford Cove Road is an especially dense profusion of these striking flowers. Both sides of the road are lined with the bright green leaves and showy stripped petals of this Asian import. They are in the family of day lilies, and follow the brightest light of the day.

Lily Road


Close up. you can appreciate the intricate construction of the flowers. Surprisingly the entire plant is edible, with the underground tubulars being the best of all. When sauteed with lemon and butter, they taste like sweet potatoes. The stems are like scallions without the kick, and the flowers keep their crispness even in hot butter, and can be visually usefull in salads and on party platters.

Tiger Day Lily Flowers

Driving these narrow mountain roads always presents you with a different view around every curve, and these day lilies just add to the charm of sightseeing.

Tiger Lily Curve

In many states, these glorious plants are considered to be invasive, but not in North Carolina. They just wait through the frigid winters and burst forth with these incedible displays every Spring. Fine with me!

Daises 1


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4 thoughts on “Tiger Lilies Along Montford Cove Road

  1. How beautiful, Vann! I had no idea they were edible. Here, I guess because it’s so dry, you only see them in flowerbeds. These are gorgeous in the wild!

  2. Wow how the orange just jumps out at you, just love the lilies. Had no idea that they were edible. Thanks for sharing as usual

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