In the Summer Garden

With just two days until the summer solstice, the Druids are already celebrating early. The clouds in the valleys at sunrise make for a mysterious scene.

Pinnacle Clouds

A closer look at my evergreen garden reveals a host of different flowers and textures.  If you received this in your e-mail, click on the headline above, then click on any image and move through the slide show at your own pace. The newest addition is the Japanese Yew that looks like a lush spruce. The corn flowers have just begun to bloom.

3 thoughts on “In the Summer Garden

  1. Van, the flowers are beautiful and photography is spectacular Thanks for sharing,



  2. Wow, such an awesome variety of colorful flowers to enjoy right in your front. You do live in paradise. So love the picture of the morning clouds. Thanks for sharing all that your artful eye captures

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