Autumn Color Below 3,000 feet

Blue Ridge Parkway at 3,000 feet
Driving to the Blue Ridge Parkway northeast of Mt. Mitchell, the best color was around the 3,000 foot elevation. This is about a week later than last year in the same area.

Mt. Mitchell Golf Club
Crossing over the Eastern Continental divide at 3,400 feet, Mt. Mitchell Golf Club was just a few miles down Highway 80. The high ridge is over 6,500 feet, and the peaks were in the clouds.

Mt. Mitchell Retreat
The eastern slopes of Mt. Mitchell are still ablaze in late color. Check out the vacation homes at the 3,600 foot level.

Lake Tahoma Cove
Driving back down Highway 80 toward Marion, Lake Tahoma, at 2,000 feet, offered a surprise of color in one of its many finger coves. Reflections in the still waters showed a deep blue sky with vibrant color, below.

Lake Tahoma Reflections

Earlier, just after sunrise, the view from my deck showed a forest starting to turn, especially on the slopes of Wolf Pen Mountain, below. The ridge line is about 3,000 feet.

Wolf Pen Mountain Color

Below is a different view of Wolf Pen Mountain from just north of the house.

Wolf Pen Mountain Haze

A short walk further to the north reveals the colors along a hillside below Oak Mountain, below.

Carolina Rocky Ridge

Otter Pond, below, reflects the changing trees and the deep blue sky.

Otter Pond near Lake Lure
The morning exploration was very successful in finding the best color. The next few days will see a peaking of reds and yellows in Otter Creek Valley.

To see the post from a year ago in the same area, use the search box, and look for Autumn at 3,000 feet

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