Savannah in August After Dark

We have come to know the beauty and history of Savannah in the daytime, but after sunset, the city takes on a different personality.

Broughton Street Savannah
Broughton, the “Main Drag” has recently recaptured its glory from the 1950’s, mostly because of the Savannah College of Art and Design, or SCAD. People line up at Leopold’s to get the best ice cream in town on a balmy summer’s evening.

Lucas Theater Savannah
The restored Lucas Theater is also now part of SCAD.

Marshall House Savannah
Just across the street is the restored Marshall House Hotel. Built in 1850’s as Savannah’s first major hotel, it became a Confederate hospital during the Civil War. On the spot originally stood Savannah’s first printing press, and in 1763, the first newspaper, The Georgia Gazette, was published.

Levy Jewelers Savannah
Adjacent to the hotel is the “new” Levy Jewelers, now proudly illuminated. Levy’s has been a fixture in Savannah for generations.

Savannah Lutheran Church
A block or so south and you’ll find the Lutheran church, looking like a wedding cake.

Gordon Monument Savannah
The Gordon Monument in Wright Square replaced a mound that honored Chief Tomochichi.

Dodge Lancer Savannah
This vintage 1960 Dodge Lancer was parked just across from the monument.

Savannah Glass Store
Although most stores on the side streets close before dark, their windows remain inviting destinations all the same.

Old Pink House Cellar
When it’s time to eat, check out the cellar of The Olde Pink House facing one of the squares. You can’t beat the atmosphere, and the food is always memorable.

One thought on “Savannah in August After Dark

  1. Thanks for the memories, Vann. Brad and I went to Savannah several times and we did go to the celler of The olde Pink House……..even enjoyed dinner there. For a while, we contemplated selling out here and moving to Statesboro, which is quite near. Glad now we didn’t. I like being close to my daughters.

    Love Patsy


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