Queen’s Gap Revisited 2020

Over the past eight years, I have photographed the exquisite example of American Craftsman architecture that was built in 2008 as the Wellness Center for a new gated community in the Northern Rutherford County Mountains known as Queen’s Gap. Originally, the development was slated to have over 300 Craftsman homes overlooking a Jack Nicklaus Championship golf course. “The best laid plans…” as they say, went bust with the Great Recession, but the remarkable Gate House and shingled Community Building survived intake, and have been meticulously maintained by the property receivers, in hopes that one day, the right buyer will appreciate the idyllic mountain setting and the historic design of the structures. Personally, I think these two buildings are the most beautiful creations between Charlotte and Asheville, and located just 90 minutes from the Charlotte Airport.

gap 4

gap 5


gap 1

gap 2

gap 3

A vintage promotion piece…Queens-Gap-web

4 thoughts on “Queen’s Gap Revisited 2020

      • Thank you! I really enjoy your blog. I discovered it yesterday looking for pictures of mussaenda shrubs for my house in Miami. I have been to your part of NC many times and I am now just buying a place there. Small world!

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