Heavy Snowfall hangs Around

Five days after the heavy snow, nothing had melted. Venturing out for the first time, the area along the Rutherford-McDowell County line was in a state of suspended animation.

Hemphill Road toward 4,000 foot Sugarloaf Mountain south of Lake Lure
Montford Cove in southern McDowell County toward Pinnacle Peak
A Homestead in the Northwest Rutherford County Mountains
Otter Creek Road alongside Otter Creek as it enters the isolated valley
Otter Creek

A week later, even with a bright Sun overhead, the snow refused to go away…

Driving home…

Even after two weeks, snow is still everywhere in the shade and on the northwest sides of the mountain ridges. Ski resorts have been super busy, making loads of powder, with nightly temps in the single digits. Even at my lower elevation, it was 12 degrees yesterday morning.

Solid sheets of snow remain in the driveway and on the deck.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Snowfall hangs Around

  1. Wow — wish you could send us some of that snow and precipitation. We are still way below safe levels of precipitation, and are having several days of dry high winds. At elast we had some precip in the past couple of weeks, and the “grass” (weeds) are green, not dead brown.

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