The Majesty of Pearson’s Falls and Glen

Just north of the South Carolina/North Carolina border, a few miles west of the equestrian farms around Tryon, you’ll find one of the most dramatic sets of waterfalls anywhere in the Mountains. Situated along Colt Creek on the southern escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the breathtaking Pearson’s Falls. The rustic trail leading up the the main high falls is a delightful walk through a natural gorge, with the sound of crashing water evident the moment you enter the quarter mile trail.

Named for Captain Charles William Pearson, an engineer who discovered the falls and surrounding glen while scouting passage for the Southern Railroad, they also were purchased by him after the Civil War. In 1931, his son arranged to sell the land to a timber company, but thankfully the Tryon Garden Club stepped in and purchased the land, protecting the falls for future generations.

The Garden Club has been nurturing the land since 1931, and it is open year around for the public to enjoy the beauty of the glen and the falls.

The quarter mile trail is uphill, and is made from flat stones and natural rock steps. A rustic bridge over Colt Creek makes the perfect place to stop and take in the incredible variety of plant life. There are more than 200 species of ferns in the glen.

Picnic tables and wooden benches are placed along the winding trail, and rhododendron line the creek banks. With the great plant and tree diversity, Pearson Falls Glen is a botanist’s dream.
This short video will show the creek and main falls with music by Yo Yo Ma on cello, and Bella Fleck on the banjo. The tune is called Old Tyme. And remember, click on each photo to see the larger version. Very cool!                

3 thoughts on “The Majesty of Pearson’s Falls and Glen

  1. Sure have enjoyed your pics and your descriptions of the parts of N C you visit and live by. We will definitely check out a lot of your places when we get to come back to BEAUTIFUL N C-from N FL

  2. Yo Yo Ma and his cello were a perfect match for Pearson’s Falls and Colt Creek. Have you considered offering your services as a tour guide? When we traveled to Italy last year we found that hiring a guide with a car really allowed us to enjoy the best Tuscany had to offer. Trip Advisor does a great service to travelers with finding guides. You work when you want and really meet some interesting people, and maybe even some Swedish Ladies Ski Team members.

  3. Voting on the idea of you being a tour guide-if I can get up your way sure hope you’re free to show me your majestic finds, it would be special! The music was perfect also. There’s something so refreshing to the soul listening to a waterfall

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