Another Springtime Cold Front

It was 41 degrees when Buddy arrived before sunrise, and the mountains were recovering from very heavy rains from a violent cold front that passed through yesterday. The house was just waking up, and a lush layer of Honeysuckle vines had covered the formerly drab front meadow.

Before SUnrise

To the northwest, the Sun was just hitting Wolf Pen Mountain above 3,000 feet.

wolf pen

Buddy’s house was still in the dark, but the tall Tulip Poplars and Hickories were already basking in the glow of morning.

buddys house

Buddy seemed fascinated by the young grasses that had sprouted around one of the neighbor’s ponds. The water was cloudy from all the rain.

buddy pond

The falls from the two ponds was quite active, and Otter Creek nearby was already a torrent of milky runoff from higher up the valley.


Along the creek, Small’s Ragwort had recently appeared…


Ragwort was also beginning to blanket the forest floor across the creek…

forest floor

Along the creek, Toadshade Trillium were blooming…


As was Pink Cateby’s Trillium

pink trilium

The Dwarf Violet Iris were late this Spring…

iris 2

iris 1

Delicate white blossoms of this Carolina Silverbell grow on stems from one spot on a limb, much like a bunch of cherries might grow. 

white tree

The Sun was now up as we headed up the road back toward the house.

fibber magee

The Dogwood are in bloom, just in time for Easter…


dogwood 3

Brushy Top Mountain is clothed in a blanket of green as clouds once again begin to gather….

Brushy Top

After our two mile hike, my driveway looks inviting, especially with temperatures still in the 40’s, and it isn’t even 8 a.m. yet.



5 thoughts on “Another Springtime Cold Front

  1. Looks like Spring has arrived there……….bea dutiful picturesThanks for sharing………Happy Easter to you.

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