Late Summer on the Biltmore Estate

As thunderstorms roll over these mountains almost daily, bringing milder afternoons, and cooler nights, the rolling hills of Biltmore are more green and lush than normal. The Azaleas and Rhododendron have passed. Fall colors are still months away. Even the pre-dawn and twilight calls of the Whippoorwills have stopped. You might think that now is not the time to visit Biltmore, but you would be very wrong. Frederick Law Olmstead’s genius is on display more than ever. His vision of the perfect forest with lakes and ponds has reached its maturity after 125 years. For a limited time, the roadways past the mansion and the gardens and Olmstead’s giant pines, are accessible to the public. These vistas are as breathtaking as ever. If you’ve never been in August, you must go.

George Vanderbilt funded the construction of All Saints Episcopal Church in Biltmore Village, adjacent to the Estate. It stands today as a shining example of American Craftsman architecture.

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