Hints of Spring

Three years ago, I posted these photos as Spring began to bloom. It’s happening this week again, and was worth revisiting,,,

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

daffs 2In just the past three days, the Bradford Pear trees have visible buds, ready to open this week. Solitary Cherry trees in the fields have bloomed out a bright pink, and daffodils are open along the roads and in yards. Red leaf buds can be seen in the woods, and even the azaleas are showing early buds. After four days in the 70’s after Ground Hogs Day, it was only a matter of time until Spring showed its presence.  Yes, it’s early, but last year was even earlier. When the next snow falls, the white on the flowers will make for some beautiful pictures.

cherrythree pondsThis morning after sunrise. It was below freezing.

sunrise purpledicks mtnDick’s Mountain

skinny pinesAlmost a foot of rain this month contributed to these early bloomings. That’s 3,000 foot Wolf Pen Mountain in the distance.

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