An Early Spring on Lake Lure

With snow and ice forecast a few miles northwest of here, it seems strange writing about Spring, but in the Blue Ridge Mountains, that’s what can happen in March. At the far north end of Lake Lure is the Rumbling Bald Resort and Legends-on-the-Lake Bar and Grill. On Thursday, the giant Japanese Magnolia just outside the facility was in full bloom.

This past week the lake was raised seven feet to its normal level after being lowered during the winter to allow for dock and boathouse repain, and new pier construction. This was just in time to welcome the rowing crews from the northeast colleges for their annual Spring Training visit. In the image below, the floating piers for the skulls stand ready for the first arrivals this week.

Ice is still on many lakes and rivers up north, and the sight of these human powered racing craft sliding silently along the three mile long course is something to behold. Teams of men and women spend a week here with four schools active per week throughout March. It’s worth a visit where you can sit on a shady deck having a delicious lunch as the parade of Olympic caliber athletes heads out to train.

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