Autumn at 3,000 Feet

The colors of Fall move down the mountains about 100 feet a day. Yesterday I drove up NC-80 west of Marion, looking for the color line. As I neared the 3,000 foot level, there they were, as bright as I’ve seen so far this season.

I abandoned the Buick at a narrow pull-off, and walked back down the winding road. I was rewarded with these views.

Only four cars and two motorcycles passed me on the way down and back. Everything was very quiet.

I found an opening through the trees where the beauty of the distant ridges could clearly be seen, framed with the electric tones just down the steep mountainside.

Climbing back up the steep roadway, the golden colors of the carved away rocks stopped me in my tracks.

Driving over the Eastern Continental Divide at 3,600 feet, I descended into the valley just below Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains, and came upon the Mt. Mitchell Golf Course. Just breathtaking!

What a great place for a townhome. The bright colors had already passed on the western side of the mountain, but the deep rust colored trees left no doubt about the lingering season. I drove north near Burnsville, these east through Spruce Pine, and back over The Divide on NC 226, and back down into Marion.

Arriving back at home, the geese appear to have made Otter Pond their temorary home. It was 78 degrees.

7 thoughts on “Autumn at 3,000 Feet

  1. What a serene outing you had, beautiful vistas & fresh air, Favorite picture was the one through the trees of the ridges and again a great one of Otter Lake

  2. My cousins are on the way to their place in Murphy today, from Florida, and hoping to see good fall color. They were afraid they were too late — but it looks like they will find some (even if they have to drive a bit to see it.)
    Thanks, Vann — it’s just beautiful.

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