Where is Springtime?

Below is a photo I made a year ago Sunday. It was 73 degrees, and the mountainsides were green with new leaves. Flowers were in the Evergreen Rock Garden, and the maples around the house were already fluttering in the breeze.

Hemlock House in Spring
The photo below was made this morning while sleet was falling with a temperature of 38 degrees. Nothing was happening with the trees, and no flowers have yet appeared anywhere.

Hemlock House in Sleet
At least I can enjoy my Evergreen Rock Gardens. The pines have doubled in size over the past year. The cedars and Blue Cypress are really growning, and the five varieties of junniper are spreading among the rocks. The Arbor Vitae seem to like the soil. Four kinds of Sedum fill in the rest. The perrenials are under there somewhere!

2 thoughts on “Where is Springtime?

  1. But, Vann, you did finally get some snow! Spring will come …. as you say, things are still sleeping. Your evergreens garden is so beautiful. I love when we plant for the future, and then the day comes when each plant takes its own shape, and the differences between then create such a beautiful whole.
    Kind of like people … especially friends. 🙂

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