On the Roof of Biltmore House

A recent addition to the choices offered to visitors of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville is a special “Architect’s Tour”. Not only do you go into rooms that are normally off limits to the regular public, but you also are taken outside onto the walkway of  Biltmore’s distinctive roof. You are above the gargoyles, and have panoramic views of the front lawn and gardens. Arriving early, the chateau is a silhouette against the rising sun.
Biltmore Sunrise

From the normally off limits side loggia, the main staircase tower is resplendent with statues of Joan of Arc and St. George (?). The balconies are actually camouflage for the cantilevered stone stairs that protrude outside of the staircase walls.

Joan of Arc

Emerging from a small balcony above the main entrance, the expanse of lawn is a reminder of the five flights of stairs you just climbed to get there.
Biltmore House Docent

Being above the gargoyles gives one an unusual vantage point at the people far below.
Gargoyle People

Another  monster carving stands guard as you look out over the parapets toward the distant mountains.
Gargoyle View

Moving to the loggia between George and Edith Vanderbilt’s bedrooms, the stone carvers were given a free hand to create their own characters along the main wall. Here an African-American worker is glorified for his contributions to the effort.
Black Man

Having left the house, a walk through the amazing Biltmore gardens never disappoints.

Biltmore Estate Conservatory 1

A drive along the back road will lead to a mile long field of sunflowers, always facing the moving sun.
Biltmore Sunflowers

One last view shows the natural beauty of the Biltmore forest. Every inch of the main grounds was totally planned for prime impact no matter where you look.

Biltmore Estate East View

As the sun sets, Asheville waits for darkness. At 2,300 feet elevation, Asheville is the highest city east of Denver.
Asheville Skyline

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  1. One day I hope to visit your area, maybe I can persuade you to be my guide. Thanks for sharing your great pictures

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